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We are IT professionals, we are here to help individuals and companies by providing online services wherever you are and solving various problems like hardware and Software fixing errors on Computer and Mobile devices. We would like to help you solve your problem that would lead to paying a lot of money to a nearby technician, for us we will help you for free or you will contribute a very small amount to support our services. 

Our experienced and versatile professionals are in the field of Maintenance and repair, Graphic design, Social media account creation and promotion (Marketing), Networking, Consultant, Web and Android developer and many others based on IT issues. 

The main goal is to help the person solve the problem of his/her device even if he is at home. What you supposed to remember is we fix, we advice and we train you wherever you are. 

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You can also reach us through Call or Text message via Whatsapp or SMS:
+255 678 920112