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Excellent College of Health and Allied Sciences is an asset-rich for youths and communities training opportunities. Broadly the college enables talented and committed workforce: academic, professional, technical and operational for social economic and employment opportunities. The College is a comprehensive institution and our size and scale are central to both our resilience in meeting challenges and capacity to respond to new opportunities.

We are fortunate in having quite extraordinary curriculums delivery, which are an essential ingredient of the Excellent College of Health and Allied Sciences experience, and wake this special place to live, study and lean.

Our initiatives are diverse, ranging from becoming a more sustainable College, and developing online tools for our staff and students, to a new vision for our students. Our collective values: students first; innovation; integrity; and teamwork, Sustainability, Respect, Excellence, Scholarly research, Free exchange of ideas, Openness and flexibility, Diversity and inclusiveness, Accountability, etc. are what tie these desires together. These values will not only drive our initiatives, but will also shape our work each and every day. READ MORE

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