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Historical Background

The Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC) is a Technical Institutions in Tanzania was established in 2000 under the ambit of the Executive Agencies Act No 30 of 1997. The aim of it’s establishment was to fill an extant void in terms of a comprehensive training facility for Public Service, to meet the changing needs of the Public Services resulted from the Public Service Reforms, and the need for an autonomous financially sustainable public service College.

It is in light of the above that the TPSC is the preferred service provider of knowledge and skills to the public service, but also as a part of building a culture of continuous learning for public servants. The customers of TPSC include; central and local government, independent departments, executive agencies; secondary school leavers, the general public and

TPSC has Six Campuses strategically located in Dar es Salaam, Tabora, Mtwara, Singida, Tanga, Mbeya and One Global Learning Center to be close to its customers countrywide.

The Institute is offering Basic Technician Certificate, Diploma, and Bachelor Degree Programmes suitable for public and private sectors in its campuses. Besides these programmes, TPSC is offering review classes for Public Service Examinations and consultancy services. It has recently adopted the Competence-Based Education and Training (CBET) approach as the way forward, the way to attain the quality of education and training that meets the demands of a dynamic and permanently changing labour market.

TPSC has redesigned its website to take in to consideration the various improvements taking place in its core activities. We believe this Website will be an informative tool to inform and educated the general public about the Tanzania Public Service College, the products and services offered organization structure and the overall operation of the College.

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