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It is my pleasure to welcome new and continuing students as well as staff to SAUT for the new academic year 2022-2023. We shall build on the achievements of the last year 2021-2022 that consist mainly of: increase in qualified academic staff through recruitment and return of staff after postgraduate studies, teaching infrastructure, partnerships for research and staff and students mobility, ICT equipment for the library. In addition, SAUT will initiate new projects aiming at improving its mission of teaching, research and service to the community. Quality assurance will be at the center of all SAUT activities so as to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. 

SAUT recognizes the competition in the job market that requires professional skills and competencies. Therefore, SAUT is eager to listen to the employers and other stakeholders and empower students accordingly so that they meet the requirements of the globalized job market. SAUT shall also strengthen its incubation centre as an opportunity to students to develop their start-ups and be self employed. Therefore students and staff are invited to embrace new technologies and produce new services and products that would contribute to provide scientific solutions to the problems facing our country. 

Dear students, be aware that education is the foundation for individual success and country development, and spend your study time accordingly. SAUT shall avail suitable learning environment and facilities for that endeavour. As a catholic university, God is central in all our plans and activities. You are invited to live and act in accordance with the catholic values and values of your respective affiliations. 

SAUT is a secular university and recognizes the freedom of worship without undermining its mission and vision built on catholic ethos. I welcome new students to join their hands with the continuing ones in “Building the City of God”. Amb. Prof. Costa Ricky Mahalu Vice Chancellor- SAUT

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