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TANDABUI Institute of Health Sciences & Technology (TIHEST), One of Tanzania’s top-ranking institutions for health and social science which has consistently had lofty goals

Why Tandabui

Since we are committed to assisting you in succeeding, student success to us is not simply a program but also a vow. With the aid of learning communities, mentors, a well-thought-out strategy, and a profoundly engaging learning experience, we promise to assist you in graduating.

The educational experience at TIHEST goes well beyond the classroom. We assist you in acquiring the practical knowledge and transferrable skills that companies value and that are necessary for success in the industry. You will feel assured and completely equipped to begin your career by the time you graduate.

From where you are right now, TIHEST will walk beside you, support you, and work relentlessly to identify ways to get you to a next level. In order to provide you a comprehensive educational experience that you will never forget, we offer a flourishing academic community and...READ MORE

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