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Convert PC setup (exe) To Mobile setup (apk) on Android device and PC

There are many applications available on the internet that claim to have a similar ability to convert the .exe to .apk. But they don’t work properly and will waste a lot of time installing them. Most of them are covered with malware/viruses that can harm your computer. 
Some of them are using for stealing your personal information. You should always be careful when choosing a .exe to .apk converter tool. 

That's why I shared 100% working and easy software for you. Before using this, you should have a backup of the document on your computer before converting it. 

Because Conversion may lose some data from the EXE file. APK files are meant for android OS smartphones. 
Converter or tool available here - 
Click this link to download the converter -

Check this video tutorial and I will show you how?

Watch Tutorial Video Till The End:


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