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Job seekers connection services for new employment

This is a system that is used to gather all our customers to make it easier for them to apply for jobs when they are announced (Locally and Abroad), By using this system we will be able to serve you easily and on time since we will have all your information.

The reason for establishing this system

  • Sending job applications reliably and on time officially to all those who joined and need
  • Keeping records of all we serve (members)
  • Eliminating blame here and there for those who are forgotten (those who are late to get the information about the given positions)
  • Simplify work

Benefits of being a Member

  • We offer a 20% discount for the service you will do (such as revising CV, arranging certificates, scanning, editing, printing, etc.)
  • We will provide you with information on new jobs as soon as they are announced
  • We will send you the application if you need it wherever you are
  • If you don't have the money to pay, we can do the work for you and then the debt will be written off
  • Our services are more reliable and careful

How to Join:

For members who do not have a smart phone

  • Send your information by text message to +255678920112. The information is like (Your full name, Your current location, Your job position, Email, and Phone number) Then the service provider will contact you to complete your recruitment and to enter you into the system, and also be directed to the method of paying the membership fee

How to Join:

For members with smart phones

  • Download our AJAKAI ICT App Here available through our website or our Portal
  • When you successfully download, you will open the App and then click on the section where it says Smart Services (Bottom Right) and follow the instructions
  • For the help of downloading this App you can contact the service provider Whatsapp +255678920112 and he can send you the App link to download it faster and get instructions

Membership Fee

  • The cost of becoming a member is Tsh 15,000/= for East African Country and USD 25 for other countries
  • That amount of money will only last for one (1) year, so after the year since you joined you have to pay again to continue your membership

Ways to receive payment

We receive all payments in the following ways:
  • Pay Tigo Pesa Number 6803820
  • NMB Bank for Ac No: 30610071755
  • Or By Cash if you can get to the office
NB: The account name is AJAKAI ICT COMPANY

Terms and Conditions

  • This system applies to those who apply for jobs in various sectors or institutions
  • We need to have your information like CV along with your certificates
  • You have to pay Tsh 15,000/= for East African Country and USD 25 for other countries to join as a member for one year
  • If you don't have the money to pay, we can dothe work for you and then the debt will be written off
  • For those who are written in debt, they are allowed to stay with the office money for a period of two weeks, so within two weeks all the money must be paid
  • Anyone who is dishonest will be removed from membership without any refund
  • We really like to cooperate and give expert advice to our clients who trust us and are not disruptive in their work. We really care about those customers and sometimes we can do a great job for them for little or no charge
  • Our goal is to help those who cannot prepare a good job and those who do not have enough education about the work or responsibilities given to them from higher levels.
  • You will find our services wherever you are in the world, all you need is to have our AJAKAI ICT App Here or our number +255678920112 or +255628609126


Phone: +255 678 920 112 / +255 628 609 126
WhatsApp: 0678 920 112
Website: / Portal:

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