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Server Management Course

A strong foundation in deployment, configuration, and maintenance is essential knowledge to any server administrator looking to advance in the field. In this course, Server Management: Server Administration, you’ll learn to install, configure and maintain the servers within your organization. First, you’ll explore installing and deploying servers. Next, you’ll discover how to perform the initial configuration tasks and allocate roles and services. Finally, you’ll learn how to manage your assets across your enterprise. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of server administration needed to perform a wide range of tasks in support of the servers within your organization.

Table of contents

  • Course Overview and Introduction
  • Installing Server Operating Systems
  • Configuring Network Infrastructure Services
  • Configuring and Maintaining Server Functions and Features
  • Implementing High Availability Servers
  • Understanding Virtualization
  • Scripting Basics for Server Administration
  • Understanding Asset Management and Documentation
  • Understanding Licensing Concepts

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