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Computer Applications Course

Computer Applications play a very important role in today's scenario as every individual is significantly dependent on machines. A computer is one such machine, which has made its presence in every walk of our life. With the wide range of applications, it has to offer, the need for learning computer applications is now more than ever. The recent boom in the IT Industry tells us that the experts in the field of computer applications are needed both in Tanzania and abroad. Moreover, with the government's ambitious plan of digitalization, it may go a notch higher. The huge gap in demand and supply in the field of computer applications help them command a better salary.

This course is part of the following part-time on campus and/or online program(s):

Students perform simple operating system commands and produce a variety of business documents using operating systems, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. Email, the internet and a learning management system are used to facilitate student learning.

Featured Programs

  1. Introduction to Computer
  2. Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
  3. Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet)
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentation)
  5. Microsoft Access (Database)
  6. Microsoft Publisher (Designing)
  7. Introduction to Internet and Email

Fees & Description

This course we offer Online and Offline (At Our Centre at Kahama, Shinyanga - Tanzania)










Time to Complete

10 Weeks

5 Weeks

Teacher Support




  • For the one who pays the Fee for all seven (7) programs he/she will be deducted a discount of Tsh 9,000 where; The fee can be paid in two installments; The first installment is Tsh 200,000 and the second installment (when he reaches the fifth (5) program) he will pay the remaining amount which is Tsh 50,000.
  • For one program taker, the cost per program is Tsh 38,000 / =
  • The course takes up to three (3) months to complete all seven (7) programs for a student studying for one period of 3 hours daily.
  • For a student who does not have time to study for a period of 3 months he can attend more than one period per day and spend up to a month and a half to graduate and this will also depend on how well the student is passing his exams.

How to Pay

Applications to all courses must be accompanied by a non-refundable application fee as mentioned on the table Fees above, and payable through Lipa namba 6803820 tigopesa or any NMB Bank branch (A/C Number 30610071755).With Account Name AJAKAI ICT COMPANY
When payment complete, Send your Transaction ID or Bank Slip to WhatsApp 0678 920 112

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